• Carmen Trifiletti 


    Clerk. department of human and special services



    The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus started Cabrini College as a private Roman Catholic university in 1957. Cabrini College is named after Frances Xavier Cabrini, who started the Missionary Sisters and became the first saint born in the United States. The school has a long history and strong academic programs. Carmen Trifiletti always loved going to school when he was younger. He liked being around other people and learning new things. This led her to Cabrini College, an accredited residential Catholic school that accepts students from all backgrounds, cultures, and faiths. Trifiletti studied health and exercise science, business administration, and psychology at Cabrini. Carmen is a kind person who has spent much time helping Toys for Tots and collecting gifts. Toys for Tots is a charity that gives Christmas gifts to kids who don't have much. Carmen has also set up food donations and collection of donation boxes all over Gloucester County. Trifiletti has also helped a lot with other projects and causes that help the community. Many events are part of these community-based projects and good causes. Some examples are addiction recovery walks, job fairs for people with disabilities, candlelight vigils, harm reduction outreach activities, and senior service picnics.