• About Me

    Carmen Trifiletti is the New Jersey Department of Human and Special Services secretary who resides in Harrison Township, Gloucester County. Trifiletti was born and raised in Woodbury, the county seat of Gloucester County, New Jersey. The services clerk in Gloucester County attended Clearview Regional High School and Cabrini College.


    Trifiletti is involved in several charitable endeavors, including New Jersey Clean Communities and Toys for Tots. At Christmas, Toys for Tots distributes gifts to disadvantaged children, whereas New Jersey Clean Communities focuses on litter reduction in the Garden State. The native of New Jersey is a certified peer recovery specialist elsewhere.


    Current Role & Duties


    Department of Human and Special Services of New Jersey

    Carmen is a New Jersey Department of Human and Special Services clerk. The New Jersey Department of Human and Special Services is the largest agency in the state, providing services to more than two million Garden State residents. Clerk Trifiletti's office is in West Deptford, Gloucester County.


    The organization provides services to individuals and families, people with disabilities, parents needing child care, and those dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues. As a clerk for the New Jersey Department of Human and Special Services, Trifiletti oversees committee meetings for CEAS, CIACC, COMA, HSAC, and LPRC.


    Carmen Trifiletti manages resources, meticulously prepares meeting notes, handles meeting paperwork, and keeps track of upcoming sessions. In addition, they are active members of the Living Proof Advisory Board. As a Living Proof Advisory Board member, they have helped organize numerous workshops and events with over one hundred attendees.


    In addition, they have participated in crucial point-in-time counts, where homeless individuals in the community are accounted for. As part of these point-in-time counts, vital gloves, hats, and information about local shelters and mental health organizations were distributed. Trifiletti has also conducted extensive data analysis following the completion of previous counts.


    Career Record


    Shady Lane Retirement Home


    Trifiletti worked at Shady Lane Nursing Home in East Greenwich Township, New Jersey, before becoming a clerk for the New Jersey Department of Human and Special Services. They worked as a maintenance worker at the nursing home, which provides residents with, among other benefits, dining, housekeeping, quality healthcare, social services, and therapeutic recreation.


    In the 1800s, Shady Lane Nursing Home opened its doors in Gloucester County. Even after over a century, it remains a special place centered on high-quality long-term care. Consequently, the residents' families can rest easy knowing their loved ones receive comprehensive care at the nursing home.


    Carmen Trifiletti's responsibilities as a Shady Lane Nursing Home maintenance worker included assisting the grounds crew with landscaping duties, electrical work, hospital bed repair, use of various tools and equipment, wheelchair maintenance, and other upkeep-related tasks.


    Other Duties


    Before joining the New Jersey Department of Human and Special Services, Trifiletti served as a camp counselor for the Clearview Youth Basketball League in addition to their work at Shady Lane Nursing Home. The Clearview Youth Basketball League offers basketball instruction and sportsmanship training to children in Mantua Township and neighboring New Jersey communities.


    Additionally, the Clearview Youth Basketball League is a Gloucester County Basketball League member. As a camp counselor for the league, Trifiletti was primarily responsible for providing basketball instruction and supervision to children aged six to fourteen.


    Trifiletti additionally held positions as a tutor and participant in an after-school program at Cassidy Elementary School and a maintenance position at the GCIA Solid Waste Complex.


    Academic heritage


    Clearview Regional Senior High


    Trifiletti grew up in the Garden State's South Jersey region. They attended the Clearview Regional High School in Mullica Hill, New Jersey.

    Clearview Regional High School, part of the larger Clearview Regional High School District, is a public high school for Harrison and Mantua Township students. The high school educates students in grades nine through twelve. Carmen Trifiletti completed high school and received a diploma.


    Cabrini College


    After graduating from Clearview Regional High School in New Jersey, Trifiletti attended Cabrini College in neighboring Pennsylvania. Cabrini College is a private Roman Catholic university in Keystone State's Radnor Township.


    1957 was the year that the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus founded Cabrini College. Frances Xavier Cabrini, the founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is honored by the college's naming. Mother Frances Cabrini was the first American saint to become a naturalized citizen.


    The school is known for its welcoming and secure atmosphere. It is an accredited Catholic institution that welcomes students of all backgrounds, cultures, and religions. Trifiletti's studies at Cabrini College included health and exercise, science, business administration, and psychology concentrations.


    Charitable Involvement


    As a clerk for the New Jersey Department of Human and Special Services, Trifiletti has facilitated and collected donations for Toys for Tots on an extensive scale. Toys for Tots distributes Christmas gifts to disadvantaged children. Additionally, Trifiletti has coordinated food donations and donation box collections throughout Gloucester County.


    In addition, Carmen Trifiletti has contributed significantly to numerous other community-focused initiatives and charitable causes. Among these community-focused initiatives and charitable causes are various events, such as addiction recovery walks, job fairs for people with disabilities, candlelight vigils, harm reduction outreach activities, and senior service picnics.


    They were actively involved with New Jersey Clean Communities while a GCIA Solid Waste Complex maintenance worker. The New Jersey Clean Communities program focuses on reducing litter in Garden State. Trifiletti provided transportation for volunteers to clean parks and other public spaces throughout New Jersey.


    Personal pursuits


    Carmen enjoys a variety of hobbies and personal pursuits outside of their professional and charitable work. Among these pastimes and interests are music listening, reading, and watching and participating in sports – particularly basketball.


    Trifiletti was born and raised in Woodbury, Gloucester County, New Jersey, and is of proud Italian descent. Woodbury is a popular part of the Garden State's South Jersey region. They reside nearby Mullica Hill, another popular neighborhood within Harrison Township, Gloucester County.